Recently, Ar-17 Unmanned Helicopter has passed the quality inspection implemented by Nanjing Research Institute for Agricultural Mechanization (NRIAM) of National Ministry of Agriculture. It is one of the first unmanned helicopter with the payload of 30+kgs which has passed this inspection. The inspection tests include full payload cruise test, real […]

Ar-17 has passed the Quality Inspection of NRIAM

Ar-17 Unmanned Helicopter is provided by Arc Aerospace for professional applications, with the take-off weight of 100kg. After many years of R&D and test, it is officially introduced right now. Among the UAVs of this level in China, Ar-17 is the only one that is self-researched and has full independent intellectual property right. Ar-17 has large load capacity, great maneuverability, long flight time and good economy. It has an autopilot with fully automatic flight function in order to be used for line patrol, aerial photography&monitor, pesticide spraying,  maritime patrol, rescue, […]

Arc Aerospace launches Ar-17 Unmanned Helicopter