Products and Services

Arc Aerospace is a company pursuing innovation and technology, focusing the R&D, manufacture and application of medium and large sized UAVs. After many years of accumulation and R&D, The company’s R&D team, which came from top universities of China, introduces the professional Ar-17 unmanned helicopter to the market.

Ar-17 unmanned helicopter provides power by gasoline engine, has a typical take-off weight of 100kg, carries over 35kg payload, and has endurance of over 6 hours. By these excellent advantages, Ar-17 can be widely used in crop protection, survey, security protection, rescue and other areas. In crop protection area, its spraying efficiency reaches up to 10 hectares per hour, which is dozens of times faster than manual spraying efficiency. The overall spraying cost of Ar-17 is also much less. Ar-17 is much better than other competitors in the market.

On the basis of advanced UAV technology, Arc Aerospace also built up great crop protection teams providing efficient and economical crop protection services by UAV.