About us

About us

Arc Aerospace is a solution provider of UAV systems, focusing on the industrial, agricultural and other professional applications. The company’s main business is the R&D, manufacture, sale and providing technical service of professional UAVs and relevant systems, with large load capacity and high reliability. The applications of Arc Aerospace products cover various areas such as electric power, agriculture, police, disaster mitigating, maritime patrol, geological exploration, and film&video.

Arc Aerospace has perfect R&D, design, manufacture teams and many years of experience in UAV’s R&D and manufacture. The company self-developed medium-sized unmanned helicopter with leading performance indicators. The key technology of Arc Aerospace is in the leading domestic level. Arc Aerospace also has good cooperative relations with institutions, universities and companies in UAV area and companies using UAV technology.

Arc Aerospace has a complete system of sale and service. The company provides perfect training in using, maintaining and repairing for its products, and appropriate after-sale services. Besides, the company also provides UAV rental service and technical service. Now Arc Aerospace has started agricultural crop protection services in Anhui, Jiangsu and other districts.


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Email: sales@arcuav.com